by Vladislav Bulgakov,

Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine





December 2002



Translated by Lyubov Podlipskaya









“ Where before were the borders of the science, now is its center”


(George Kristoph Likhtenberg)




“To tell that DNA serves only for the storage and transmitting of genetic information is the same as to state that a head needs to an individual only for to eat in it”



 (Vlad Bulgakov)
















This work is a synthesis of modern scientific data, information, getting as a work in the Unified Information Field of the Universe (UIFU) – The Akashic Records, and the author’s own spiritual and logical researches. Higher Forces of Hierarchy of Light made direction of these researches and their correction.


The researches do not pretend to be the truth in last echelon and conceptual completeness (perfection), but call upon to help modern science in correct choice of strategy in later on genetic researches on the way of perception of the Truth.







Evolutionary value of this work is that fundamentally new cognitive methodological techniques of New Age were used. It is a synthesis of science, religion, philosophy and esoteric. The answers for unknown questions were found in UIFU. After that independent operators checked them.


Theoretic value of this work may be that it puts an end to modern scientific achievements in the field of genetics. To the author’s mind, now genetics as a science reaches an ideological deadlock, which, if will be correctly conceived, will become a jumping-off place for revolutionary discoveries just in the nearest future.


Practical value of this work is that the scientists were given specific advices in conceiving of the essence for the future creative search.


Theoretical value is that as a matter of fact the first page was opened and the main conceptual postulates in the science of future – Cosmo genetics – were formulated.











The number of fundamental discoveries was made in genetics for the last times. A discovery of wave characteristic of DNA, soliton constituent of DNA and genes, conceiving of quasi-speech and effects of phantom memory of DNA, its fractal-holography crystalline structure, sequence of genes code and so on seem to be the most meaningful. Gene engineering and gene therapy are developing with impetuous speed. Mechanism of protein synthesis and partly mechanism of coding of sequences of amino acids were understood. Quantity of letter encoding was stated, and coding zone of DNA was determined. It has been understood (or started to understand) that DNA and genes are a substance and a field at the same time. The other epoch discoveries are perfect either.


But with these new discoveries the new questions are appeared that have not yet have answers. For example, why takes place the evolutionary dilution of genome (for unity of DNA length it is less and less information about protein and RNA structure), why 99% of DNA is not coding (“garbage DNA”), how is genome functioning in complex, the language of DNA programming is not encoded. It is not still clear why higher plants and animals have chromosome’s DNA more that a man. Why, for example, salamander and lily have DNA 30 times more than a man, dynamics of correlation of genome’s size to the number of genes of different forms of life is not explained and so on and so on.












It should be stated that (up to now) Garyaev–Beresin-Vasilyev’s (GBV) model of structure of higher biosystems is (to my mind) the most progressive and evolutionary correct.


Its authors not only can synthesize of intellectual and cognitive heritage of the pioneers of genetics (Gurvich, Lyubitshev, Beklemishev, Kaznacheev, Dzyan Kan’dzhen and others), but to develop and summarize their own conceptual idea on the base of their own understanding of the nature of DNA and genes.


In GBV model there was developed the idea of “gene orchestra” – fundamental postulate of modern and future genetics. It was really genius to present and liken a human organism to form of sounding music – texts with their own quasi-speech, having field (wave) and acoustical nature.


It has been proved that chromosomes radiate light and sound, that there are DNA’s phantom (electromagnetic, field) memory and DNA’s holographic grid. It has been postulated that genome operates not only on physical plane, but on the inner plane level also. It has been widen the concept of “garbage” (egoistic, not coding) part of DNA, told the hypothesis about the existence of mechanism of 20-letters DNA coding and so on.


All above described conclusions of scientists can be bravely and soundly classified as the invaluable discoveries in the field of genetics.


The most special and signed sees the circumstance that during his research P.P. Garyaev conceptually synthesized some philosophical, esoteric and scientific outlooks.


And really invaluable (to the author’s mind) is that these scientists could see and accept the presence of Divine Plan in creation of a man and Higher Mind of the Universe.


However, with obvious revolutionary discoveries there has been drawn a line limiting the borders of further researches. In the scientists’ works there are faint notes of slight panic because of hypothetical opportunity of external (exogenous, outside) control and correction of DNA and a human’s genome. Also, from the other side, the author accentuates his attention on this nuance, calling the mankind to extra caution and to obey the ethic and moral norms during a research of wave genome. And this is the most important moment. We will touch this question later.


It is also uncommonly also, that G. Shipov made the attempt to link DNA structure with the theory of physical vacuum. This is a direction leading to conceiving of the Truth! However, P.P.Garyaev   limits finer material structure of DNA and genes (super genes, wave genes) by soliton and acoustic fields, i.e. electromagnetic range of vibrations, let even ultra high frequency.


Perhaps, we made wrong conclusion, but it is but this impression we had after “Wave Genome”. In connection with this we suppose the following.


Either the scientists have not realized of conceptual sense of the Theory of Physical Vacuum and Unified Torsion Field of the Universe (UTFU) (it seems to be unlikely to us), either the following circumstance took place. As is well known, official science in the person of Russian Academy of Science (RAS) anathematized, rejected the Theory of Physical Vacuum, mark it as false-science. Orthodox scientists became like an infant, who looking at the sky in rainy day states that the Sun does not exists. Naturally, many torsionists became in disgrace and all-powerfulness of ignorance, naming themselves as Official Science. We know the scientist, researching torsion fields, who quickly eliminated from his work all words “torsion field” after that he was subjected to persecution of official science and to danger for his career. May be Garyaev did the same.


Meanwhile the main ideological mistake of the GBV-model, as all theory of Wave Genome is that its apologists consciously or unconsciously limited their theory by the frameworks of three-dimension world, It means in essence to puts a cross on further revolutionary progress in recognizing of multi-dimensional nature of a man! Ultra high frequency waves are electromagnetic, three-dimension (although higher) range of vibrations. IT IS NESSECARY TO RECOGNIZE THE IDEA OF MULTI-DIMENSION, WHOLISTIC, DIFFERENT VIBRATIONAL STRUCTURE OF THE UNIVERSE, TO SEE IN THE WORLD PHENOMENA CREATIONS AND MANIFESTATIONS OF HIGHER MIND – THE GOD! It may be understood as the urgent task of the science, and not only genetics.


It is known that a man has seven bodies: one physical (rough material, three dimensional), 4 finer (torsion) and 2 fire (neutrino) bodies. Many scientists have already known about it, however they do not in a hurry to use this knowledge to scientific analysis and recognition of nature of things. As well, any object in the Universe, from atom to Galaxy, is multi-dimensional. As it is impossible to consider a man’s body separately from his Soul as it is impossible to consider genome and DNA separately from their integral wave-field (torsion-fire, multi-dimensional) constituents.

With soliton-electromagnetic DNA and genes there are their torsion-neutrino complex. And not only in wave (field) form. Every plane (body) has its own matter, differentiated according to frequency of vibration. Matter of a physical body is rough; finer bodies – light (Materia Lucida), fire bodies – fire, matrix (Materia Matrix). Finer world is fourth dimension, four-dimensional (and higher) continuum.


DNA, genome and all manifested in general we should consider as multi-dimensional integral Divine Cosmo system.  (More detailed…)


It is necessary to start the most serious researches of just torsion DNA. It will lead to deeper understanding of vitalingua – a language of DNA programming. To the point we consider that more correct will be analogization of vitalingua-1 and vitalingua-2 (a language of intercellular informational metabolism) not human verbal language, but computer language (a language of computer programming – empiric-mathematical decision procedure of creation of applied programs. Program-decision procedure computer language is more exact in understanding and explaining if intercellular energy-information exchange as well within DNA and gene continuums as from the point of view exogenous factors. It is well known that on rough matter, RNA level only paltry part of vital exchange of service information is realized.


A word is a sequent of thought!!! A thought is primary!!! That is why it can be stated with confidence that the main part of information metabolism is realized not even by words or quasi-speech, but by THOUGHTS! DNA not only talks inter-themselves, but exchange with thoughts on telepathic, mental level of Being (on the level of torsion field of consciousness, according to Shipov). The main information exchange between DNA is realized on torsion (mental) level. The lack of knowledge modern scientists has, and the lack of adequate ideology gives in result that mankind is still not able to understand the Sacrament of its Origin.


But evolutionary purpose of any intelligent form of life is perception of itself and its purpose in macroevolution of Cosmos!


DNA and genes are triune – it is matter (substance), finer substance and field at the same time. In modern techno-world there are different standards and programming languages, as a result we have different programs. Vitalingua – a language of Gods, on which primordial codes (program etalon prime codes of DNA) – is universal and unified for all protein forms of life in our Universe, like earth Esperanto. By analogy with computer it can be said that all protein vita forms of the Universe has one operation system. But the programs of enciphering proteins are various, more precisely different. They are differentiated by hierarchy structuring according to the principle of evolutionary complication (complication of composition). In coding alphabet of protein synthesis of a man there are 33 letters, no 3, 4 or 20. Proteins of higher forms of life are coding, according to the level of development, by 49, 74, 128 and 144 letters of vitalingua. However, it seems to us that 144-letters coding is not a limit.


It is known that immortal forms of protein intellect have similar scheme of coding of amino acids and protein synthesis. The difference is only in quantity of used letters and power of interaction of organism, including its multi-dimensional constituents.  We will return to the opportunity of immortality of protein form of life.


Thus, the study of vitalingua-1 and vitalingua-2 is the theme of new researches of Cosmo geneticists.


In connection with this I would like to mention about one more factor, restraining the development of modern genetics. It is a model of 12-strand DNA. May be many of us have not even heard about it. More detailed we will tell about it later.


Geneticists and Cosmo geneticists need also to take into account that circumstance that now, in transition period of birth of new man of New Sixth Race – homo spiritualis – all organism, including genome and DNA, undergoes to fundamental physiological and energetic transmutations. The sense of them is in activation of latent reserves of organism and in increasing of proportion of finer cosmic energy in cell nutrition (cosmoenergybiosis).


It is necessary to carry out the researches of DNA and genetic material namely such persons, passing through transmutation – rebuilding their own organisms on gene-molecular level for correspondence to changing condition of the environment. We are now passing through such transmutation and ready to give samples of our DNA for researches.






We have already adverted to the theme of 12-strand DNA. In fact, a man’s DNA molecule has 12 strands or light coding filaments, as somebody calls them. DNA views in the Finer plane as 12-facet crystal (dodecahedron). Each facet of Crystal corresponds to 12 zodiacal signs, 12 chakras, 12 Apostles, 12 (!) planets of the Solar system, 12 groups of Pyramids, 12 Cosmo belts of the Galaxy, and so on. In general, DNA reflects duodecimal coding system and organization of our Reality and our world. (More detailed…)


But where are these strands and why nobody can see them? We have two versions of the answer to these questions:


Additional strands are made physical and integrated into protein structure of

an organism, corresponding to evolutionary-spiritual growth of a person in result

of transmutation;


Only two registered strands manifested on physical plane, the rest 10 (5 pares)

strands are in finer substantial states and carry out functions, corresponding their

continuums. They do not really influence upon individual three-dimension

 reality of a modern person.


If second hypothesis is correct, the observed inactivity of latent 10 strands rides by (more often than no) decomposition of communication bonds of inter-dimension DNA of a continuum. Any, even the most perfect system can be disintegrated by deprivation of its integrity and interconnection between its multi-dimension components.


Of course, all other versions are possible.


According to the information, getting from the Akashic Records, disturbance of inter-strand connections took place as a result of the Great Genetic Reprogramming (GGR) – the Fall – a very tragic event in the earth history. We will tell about it later.


The hypothesis mentioned above can be verified or refuted only by experimental researches of DNA of transmuted organism. We repeat our readiness to give the samples of our DNA.







It is still beyond our comprehension that mankind continues stupidly to reject from its consciousness all they do not understand, more precisely, cannot understand. Some two-left-handed medical men do not understand appendix’s function; it means that appendix is rudimentary mistake of Nature, that organism does not need it. Some two-left-handed geneticists do not understand the essence, sense and evolutionary destination of the greater part of DNA; it means that it is “egoistic”, or, worst of all, “garbage”.


How the mouth of F. Krick (one of the pioneer of 2-strand DNA) opened to call its uncoded part (it is almost 99%) as “garbage”? In fact, it is a creation of the God, Higher Mind.


It is necessary to disengage and faster to forget this dishonorable for mankind ignorance and disrespect for the Creator. We offer to call this part of DNA “creative” (Latin word Creatio – creation, making) or simply “reserve”.


Fortunately, a majority of the scientists have already understood that if some part of DNA does not code protein it is not garbage, but some physical carrier of unknown or non-manifested DNA’s functions (unrealizable evolutionary potential). It has already been stated  that in creative DNA’s portion there are retrotrasposons of ancient viruses and the most ancient pro-viruses, registered in it by the history of mankind evolution (phylogenesis). According to the hypothesis, it is but this phylogenetic factor and these molecular parasites reduce detriment, causing damage to organism by the birth stress.


GBV-model interprets creative DNA and genome as a transformer and decoder of thin-material signals, bearing vital information. In fact, if physical (coding) DNA is able to provide only protein synthesis and replication, where are the rest information and resources for its maintenance taken from?


To our mind, from the wave and thin-material DNA’s structures. (Conceptions “wave” and “thin-material” are not identical, but very close). On modern level of development of scientific ideology we consider it to be senselessly to go in details and to explain the differences, not only on electromagnetic (EM) range level, but on spin-torsion and neutrino (plasma, fire) levels either. (Reminding: neutrino level lies higher than a concept of torsion field and physical vacuum and practically is not considered by The Theory of Physical Vacuum by Shipov.) In this theory neutrino level is mentioned as Absolute Nothing (???) (It is not quite correct, one of our next work will be devoted to this theme.) The system of these factors provides 100% of energy information coverage of the organism’s needs.


It is also necessary to keep in mind that a cell lives on not only rough food, which an organism takes from physical food, but either finer energy of the Earth and Cosmos (prana and so on). Every from higher DNA’s levels transmits to the cell definite energy information cocktail. (More detailed…) This process is also controlled by creative DNA.


We think it is necessary to introduce a definition of “perfect DNA” (pro DNA). It is DNA in perfect state. Perfect DNA uses for coding 33 letters, at that specific gravity of coding part of perfect DNA is 12%! It is necessary to understand that our cosmos-system is coded by definite matrix codes – factors and their combinations. These numbers are 3, 7, 9, 12, 24, 49, 13, 108, 144, 264, 343, and so on. Harmony of our cosmos is formed by these numbers!


Creative DNA is something like hard disc (fixed disc) for storage of a reserved copy of DNA. All, an individual is doing, is writing into special zone of DNA and forming Unified Information Field of the Earth and the Universe. (More detailed…)


This information goes into a special coder, where its recoding, filing and arrangement take place. Data transformation occurs with the definite rate (bit-rate), similar to it is necessary constant bit-rate for normal sounding of MPS player. Filing is data compression, and arrangement is a record on holography matrix. This process reflects 24- exposure rate of our three-dimension Reality.


Its characteristics that all process takes place in the interactive “on-line regime”, like sites’ publication in the Internet. That is why this portion of DNA can be compared with creation of Website, site of our life. All information about it becomes accessible by means of creative DNA for everybody (who can go out and work in the Cosmic Internet – Unified Information Field). It is interesting that information on site of the individual’s life is renewed in real scale of time.


Having only one DNA molecule (or its wave creative copy) it is possible “to collect” a person in any point of the Universe. It is making by using information of reserve copying of creative DNA on the base of identity of physical substance of our Universe.


The other functions of creative DNA are as following. CreoDNA is physiological maintenance for functioning of holography mechanism of writing (memory) of vital information about an individual. Moreover, creoDNA stores full information (in tiny details) about all human reincarnations of an individual.


As is well known, capacity of holographic grid (even two-dimensional) is huge, as it carries in itself eight-dimension information. And what about three-dimension or four-dimension grids!? It is simply unlimited for consciousness a volume of memory.


In connection with this it is logical to assume that higher, according to their vibration threshold, DNA-strands are also accumulators of information not only in scale of the Earth, but in scale of the Solar system, the Galaxy and the Universe either.


That is the way practically is realized a performance of cosmic principle: each unit of the Universe contains full information about the whole Cosmo system. And the bearers of finer holomemory are structural particles of the Unified Field of the Universe – torsions (aksions, according to Shipov).


 As it was mentioned above, the scientists were stated that in creative DNA (creoDNA) there was coded the information about the ancient viruses, which nowadays helps a person to minimize birth stress. There are all reasons to suppose that DNA contains all information about the evolution of all intelligent vitabioforms of the Earth, whenever existed on it. According to esoteric thesis, in a person’s DNA there is everything he has been whenever. It perfectly enters into a scheme of oriental esoteric philosophy, according to this a man to the present evolutionary status quo has passed all stages of the development of living things, starting from atom, mineral, plant and animal realms of the Nature. But it is only a half of the way…


Similarly, pre-natal development of embryo is accompanied by the appearance and destruction of rudiment attributes (gills, tail and so on).


It is occurred a very reasonable question: for what is it necessary to load a genome with such “unnecessary” information? To our mind the answer is simple and is in following. All Universe was created according to the unified Divine Plan due to principle of higher expediency and economy. In it there is no and cannot be anything unnecessary, needless and inexpedient. All serves to Evolution. And if we do not see it, it means that we are still ready for perception of this side of Crystal of Unified Truth.


Process of knowledge is similar to lifting on the step or lifting on the mountain. Every next step is a result of previous one and, in fact, based on it. Similar succession is reflected in DNA. It is through creoDNA the Higher Mind gets an access into the Earth Unified Information Field. In this case an individual plays a role of “Internet provider”. Every individual! Simply it is occurred on the subconscious (extra conscious) level. That is why not every person is able to notice, that through him they are reading the history of civilization and the planet Earth.


So, each cell of an organism contains full information about all person’s lives, and its torsion-wave constituent contains also all information about evolution of the Universe!


And these are not extravagances of Nature! Availability of such information is vitally important for normal functioning of an organism. Using it, it is able adequately react on different virus, bacteria, radiation, toxic and other invasions. This provides realization of Cosmic Law of Information Succession (LIS).


However, not everything went off smoothly. A DNA portion, providing realization of LIS, is now blocked, and access to it is impossible. Otherwise, a man would not be sick and could live without any vaccination, in result of which he is “introduced” with a weak version of virus or bacteria.


Why it is so, we will tell later. Here we just note, that larger portion of DNA, brain and genome is blocked as a result of infection of the Earth Crystal – the Earth Planetary Logos – by Cosmo virus of the Fall. Metaphorically Genesis of Old Testament of the Bible tells about it in the legend about Adam and Eve.


The next function of creoDNA is storage of so - called package of reality standards (PRS). All physical constants of our space-time continuum (STC) – reality – are written in creoDNA. What it is needed for? In future renewed man, returned to Divine standards of Being, will get lost opportunity of natural (free) travel in the space, time and dimensions. His body will be changed elastically, depending upon physical environment of place of being.  In such moments, during his being in guest continuum, new standards of reality will be temporarily writing in his PRS. Protein-molecular and other vital transpositions will orient according to new PRS.


Remember, we were talking that all protein forms of life in our Universe have the same “operation system” – a language of coding and synthesis of proteins? It is but due to PRS of creoDNA it is possible such stowage (термина «конвертация» в словаре не нашла, поэтому перевожу так, как сама поняла его значение) of reality standards – the necessary conditions of a man’s travels in the Universe.


Here, it should be also noted, that during preparation for a man’s flight, for example, to Mars, it is necessary to keep in mind that physical constants of this planet is different from ones on Earth, and that long staying there is harmful for modern man.






 New Age Masters, 2003




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